With its four connecting bays, Ossipee Lake is the perfect place for guests to relax on the open water or explore the hidden nooks and crannies within the channels. Danforth Bay has a boat ramp on property next to Cove Beach, which provides easy in-and-out access for guests wishing to bring their own motorboats. In addition to Ossipee Lake, popular Lake Winnipesaukee and Maine’s Sebago Lake are both short drives away.

Please note, as of July 20, 2020 the Danforth Bay Bridge Construction Project may at times, and for extended periods, interrupt access to Broad Bay/Ossipee Lake at times for the remainder of the 2020 summer and fall season. For more info on the project schedule, please visit:


Boat Rentals

Boat rentals are available at the Brookside Beach. Boats include kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and row boats. If the boat-house is unattended, please check with the Depot.

Boat Rentals: Open Daily 9 a.m.-6 p.m.* 
* Last boat rental goes out one hour prior to closing.

Boat Rental Rates Per Hour Half-Day Full-Day
Canoe / Kayak $8 $18 $28
Rowboat / Paddleboard $10 $26 $47


Boating Information

All boats with motors regardless of size must sign in with the office at check in. The state of New Hampshire requires safe boating certificates for all operators of power boats with greater than 25 horsepower.


Please review our Boater Check In Policy Sheet for associated Boat Check In Fees and full listing of our Policies, Rules & Regulations.


Of Note...

  • Only boats up to 21 feet in length are allowed.
  • Most boats need to be registered with the State of New Hampshire. Registrations and information are available at Ossipee Lake Marina. Boaters must follow New Hampshire boating rules while operating their vessel on Danforth Bay and Ossipee Lake.
  • Use of any jet-powered watercraft regardless of seating capacity WILL NOT BE ALLOWED on our docks, launch or shoreline at anytime. If you choose to bring such watercraft for launching elsewhere it must be stored in the outside storage lot prior to admittance to the campground. There is no access or egress from the campground or its waterfront.
  • WE DO NOT ALLOW water-skiing, tubing, wakeboarding or any towable water sport to or from our waterfront. We highly encourage that water-skiing type activities take place on Broad Bay or the main body of Ossipee Lake.
  • Our launch facility is open from 7 AM - dusk.  Please pull your vehicle away from the launch area as quickly as possible and use the designated parking areas. The water is quite shallow in the launch area, trim your motor up and use caution until you are at least 100 feet off shore.
  • We have Milfoil in Danforth Bay. Milfoil is an invasive plant that if left unchecked, could choke our waterfront with weeds. Weed removal is a costly and time-consuming process. Transportation of milfoil, zebra mussels, and other non-native marine vegetation into Danforth Bay and Ossipee Lake are of special concern.  Please carefully inspect your boat and trailer to insure it is clean before launching and after hauling.  A hose is available at the boat launch and at the maintenance building by the main gate for wash down.