Who's The Family That Took Over The Danforth Bay Instagram Labor Day Weekend?!

Hold on to your phones! 

This Labor Day Weekend we're handing over the keys to the Danforth Bay Instagram account to a newbie camping family. The Kaufmans from Vermont are no strangers to mountain fun, having spent decades in the ski industry on both coasts, but this is their first summer camping as a family. They have a lot to learn. 

In what will be just the 4th trip they've made with their pop-up camper and first ever visit to Danforth Bay, they'll take any advice you can offer over the weekend. Tell them activities they should do, where your kids have fun, or just have fun with them when you see them out and about. Either way, our Instagram "story" feed and posts over the weekend is likely to be a side of the Danforth "I Love It Here" experience we don't often get to share. Come along for the ride!

Meet the crew...
Alex (Left handed, asset manager, ski industry pundit with a podcast) 
Check him out at his @wintrymixcast Instagram.

Laura (Lunch packer, fitness instructor, coconut oil aficionado) 
Check her out over on Instagram at @catchlauravt

Kaylin - 6 (Heading into 1st grade, mostly done with Frozen, dislikes spiders)
Elam - 3 (Matchbox cars, monster trucks, dislikes consequences)

Sorry, though he certainly was welcome, their dog Kappy will not be joining them this time.