Danforth Bay Bridge (Ossipee Lake Rd.) Construction Project

To our seasonal campers and those visiting this summer, please note that the Danforth Bay Bridge (Ossipee Lake Road) construction project schedule has been updated. The Freedom town website has posted a projected schedule with the contractor beginning "mobilization to the site" starting this week.

Week of 7/20/2020 – Contractor to begin mobilization to the site
Week of 7/27/2020 – Transition to alternating one-lane travel
Week of 8/3/2020 – Cofferdam installation (All boating traffic ceases)
Week of 9/10/2020 – Completion of first half (alternating one-lane travel switches lanes)
Week of 11/3/2020 – Estimated date of project completion

Any changes/updates will be posted on the town website: http://townoffreedom.net/2020/07/15/danforth-bay-bridge-construction-status/