5K Walk/Run to benefit Freedom Elementary School


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Danforth Bay 5K Walk/Run to benefit the Freedom Elementary School. 

The weather reports for the morning reported rain and thundershowers, but thankfully it held off until the afternoon. We had a total of 11 participants to raise a total of $237.00 for the Freedom Elementary School. 

Join us for the next 5K Walk/Run on July 14 to benefit the Angels & Elves, view the full race schedule here



 First Name

 Last Name   State   Gender  Bib Number  Time
Ray Kwiatek MA M 289 0:24:58
Adrienne Cook NH F 288 0:27:28
Scott Kwiatek MA M 290 0:29:58
Ramayne Kwiatek MA F 291 0:30:18



 First Name

 Last Name   State   Gender  Bib Number  Time
Rick Wales NH M   0:41:33
Reese  Kwiatek MA F 211 0:50:80
Melissa Kwiatek MA F 210 0:51:29
Judy Granville NH F 207 0:51:83
Betsy Desjardins NH F 198 0:58:39
Kathy Brady NH F 209 0:61:70
Debbie Crouther NH F 208 0:61:70