5K Walk/Run to benefit Cynthia's Challenge

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Danforth Bay 5K Walk/Run to benefit Cynthia's Challenge! 

We had a total of 30 participants to raise $560 for Cynthia's Challenge. Cynthia's Challenge is a local not-for-profit organization helping ease the financial burden of children and their families encountering the staggering expenses associated with specialty medical needs. Funds are raised through the annual 24-hour ski-a-thon and other annual fundraising events including this one.

Join us for the final race in our 5K Walk/Run series, click for details.


 First Name

 Last Name   State   Gender   Walker/Runner   Time
Christopher Roy MA  M  Runner 0:23:28
Jamie  Marsh NH M Runner 0:25:01
Elizabeth  Rudd NY F Runner 0:30:35
Erin  Laplante NH F Runner 0:37:40
Kaylee Russell ME F Runner 0:37:41
Patricia Ann Marques MA F Runner 0:38:21
Jayden Pelletier ME F Runner 0:41:22
Jayme Pelletier ME F Runner 0:41:26
Cassie  Cantera ME F Runner 0:41:27



 First Name   Last Name  State   Gender   Walker/Runner   Time
 Rick Wales NH M  Walker 0:40:32
Clare Wales NH F Walker 0:42:49
Judy  Granville NH F Walker 0:48:47
Allen  McCarriston MA M Walker 0:50:04
Donna McCarriston MA F Walker 0:50:05
Jessica  Morrill NH F Walker 0:52:50
Mia  Morrill NH F Walker 0:52:52
Anthony  Morrill NH M Walker 0:52:53
Tyler Desjardins NH M Walker 0:52:54
Betsy  Desjardins NH F Walker 0:52:55
Giselle Grout NH F Walker 0:57:26
Jennifer  Brown NH F Walker 0:57:27
Kathy  Brady NH F Walker 0:57:30
Debra Crouter NH F Walker 0:57:30
Jodi Perry NH F Walker 0:58:53
Sarah  Groleau NH F Walker 0:58:53
David Brodeur ME M Walker 0:58:54
Cynthia Verrill NH F Walker 1:01:36
Stacie  Verrill NH F Walker 1:01:36
Sandy Brown NH F Walker 1:01:45
Kevin Verrill NH M Walker 1:02:09