Facilities & Amenities


Clubhouse (10,000 sq. feet)
Fitness Room
Function Room (5,000 sq. feet)

Includes a kitchen & large screen TV!

Game Room

Includes both pool & ping pong tables!

Heated Pools

More about our pools...

In keeping with the environmentally-conscious development and construction of the resort, the pools at The Bluffs (and the neighboring Danforth Bay Camping & RV Resort) use a technology which produces natural chlorine resulting in pure, clean, sparkling pool water.

Salt water pools have the salinity level as natural as a tear drop and leave your skin smooth and chlorine free. Our pools feature state of the art Chlorine Generators from TMI Salt Pure. Salt Pure® Systems produce natural chlorine to give you pure, clean, sparkling water.

So how does it work?

Chlorine Generators use a process known as electrolysis to produce sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) from a low concentration of salt added to the pool water. Hypochlorite kills bacteria, oxidizes organic material, and kills algae then reverts back to salt. The chlorinator then reuses the salt and the process starts over again.

Chlorine Generators contain electrical cells, which generate chlorine from a bank of salt added to the pool water. After being depleted, the Free Available Chlorine (FAC) reverts back to salt to be reused. A Chlorine Generation System is really not an "alternative" system, as FAC is produced and reacts the same as adding chlorine from a purchased bucket. The difference is that this generated chlorine is pure and free of by products

This cutting edge technology represents a significant investment, so what are the benefits?

Clean, luxurious therapeutic water

No red eyes or itchy skin

No Chlorine smell.

No residues or by products

Environmentally positive

Another common question has to do with Saltiness, here are some statistics:

Seawater -31,000 parts per million

Human teardrop -7200 parts per million

Standard for freshwater -6,000 parts per million

Salt Pure® pool water- 3,000-3,500 parts per million

“After a season of use, we couldn’t be happier” states General Manager Diane Battles, “Guests who have had trouble tolerating chlorinated water in the past love these pools, and the salt in the water is tough to taste, it just feels soft.”

Plan a stay at Danforth Bay or a season at the Bluffs, at see what swimming in therapeutic salt pools can do for you!

Laundry Facilities (2)
Living Room with Fireplace


Amp Service - 20/30/50
Bocce Ball Courts (2)
Cable TV

Expanded cable TV access is included in your site rate and is available at each site.

Community Fire Pit
Fire Rings with Grill
Free use of Kayaks and Canoes
Gated Entrances
Golf Cart Rentals

Rental golf carts are available during the Spring/Fall (non-holidays) for $50/day and during the summer for $75/day or $375/week. Advance rental reservations, during the summer season, are limited to week long reservations, Sat. to Sat. Shorter rentals may be booked at check-in based on availability for the daily rate. Full day rental pick-up: 9 AM and return: 8 AM next day. PLEASE NOTE: Only licensed drivers 21 or older are allowed to operate rental carts. 

Heated, Saltwater Pools (2)

The Bluffs offer a lap pool for the fitness-minded and a leisure pool for relaxing and socializing. Both pools at the Bluffs offer state-of-the-art chlorine generators which produce natural chlorine. Guests are rewarded with pure, luxurious water that is environmentally friendly too!

Hiking / Biking Trails

Campers at Danforth Bay enjoy exploring different sections within the park or foot or by bicycle. The 185-acre Danforth Bay section and 200+ acre Bluffs section offer miles of dirt roads among the campsites and beaches that may be enjoyed at a brisk exercise pace or as a leisurely walk with a cup of coffee.

For the more adventurous, Danforth Bay Camping & RV Resort abuts the Freedom Town Forest. This 2,660 acre forest is the largest piece of undeveloped land in Freedom and connects to other conservation land to form a contiguous 5,000 acres of forestland. Two nearby access points feature a small parking area and kiosk with maps.

Horseshoe Pits (2)
Live Entertainment
Modem and WiFi Access

WiFi is offered as a free service for recreational use to our guests with hotspots throughout the park. Due to the hilly, wooded nature of the resort, it is impossible to transmit a signal to the entire park. While we cannot guarantee your site will have a wireless signal, we do have a number of locations where you can “plug-in” for a much faster solid connection. The Pascoe Study and Depot lounge have LAN access points.

Picnic Tables
Planned Activities

From potlucks and card games to costume and holday parties, guests staying at the Bluffs love the opportunity to gather at the Clubhouse to meet and mingle with their ‘neighbors’. Below is just a sample of some of the events and activities that the volunteer based entertainment committee has put together: 

  • Morning Walk
  • Bocce ball
  • Tennis/Pickleball
  • Mah-Jongg
  • Square Dancing
  • Wii Bowling Tournament
  • Bingo Night
  • Movie Night
  • Amazing Race
  • Saturday AM Coffee/Muffin
  • Poolside BBQ
  • Beach Party
  • Community Campfire
  • Sit ‘n Stitch
Tennis Courts (3)