Salt Water pools @ The Bluffs

In keeping with the environmentally-conscious development and construction of the resort, the pools at The Bluffs (and the neighboring Danforth Bay Camping & RV Resort) use a technology which produces natural chlorine resulting in pure, clean, sparkling pool water.

Salt water pools have the salinity level as natural as a tear drop and leave your skin smooth and chlorine free. Our pools feature state of the art Chlorine Generators from TMI Salt Pure. Salt Pure® Systems produce natural chlorine to give you pure, clean, sparkling water.


So how does it work?



Chlorine Generators use a process known as electrolysis to produce sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) from a low concentration of salt added to the pool water. Hypochlorite kills bacteria, oxidizes organic material, and kills algae then reverts back to salt. The chlorinator then reuses the salt and the process starts over again.


Chlorine Generators contain electrical cells, which generate chlorine from a bank of salt added to the pool water. After being depleted, the Free Available Chlorine (FAC) reverts back to salt to be reused. A Chlorine Generation System is really not an "alternative" system, as FAC is produced and reacts the same as adding chlorine from a purchased bucket. The difference is that this generated chlorine is pure and free of by products

This cutting edge technology represents a significant investment, so what are the benefits?

  • Clean, luxurious therapeutic water

  • No red eyes or itchy skin

  • No Chlorine smell.

  • No residues or by products

  • Environmentally positive

Another common question has to do with Saltiness, here are some statistics:

  • Seawater -31,000 parts per million

  • Human teardrop -7200 parts per million

  • Standard for freshwater -6,000 parts per million

  • Salt Pure® pool water- 3,000-3,500 parts per million

“After a season of use, we couldn’t be happier” states General Manager Diane Battles, “Guests who have had trouble tolerating chlorinated water in the past love these pools, and the salt in the water is tough to taste, it just feels soft.”

Plan a stay at Danforth Bay or a season at the Bluffs, at see what swimming in therapeutic salt pools can do for you!