Hiking & Biking

Many who come to camp at Danforth Bay enjoy exploring different sections within the park on foot or by bicycle. The 185-acre Danforth Bay section and the 200+ acre Bluffs section offer miles of dirt roads among the campsites and beaches that may be enjoyed at a brisk exercise pace or as a leisurely walk with a cup of coffee.

For the more adventurous the Danforth Bay Camping & RV Resort abuts the Freedom Town Forest. This 2,660-acre forest is the largest piece of undeveloped land in Freedom and connects to other conservation lands to form a contiguous 5,000 acres of forestland. There are two nearby access points that feature small parking areas and Kiosks with maps.


Mountain Biking

The great thing about 5,000 acres of undeveloped working forest is logging roads. Used infrequently for access when timber is harvested, these access roads are perfect for mountain biking. The options are endless. Proper preparation and a map are important so you can find your way back.


Hikes From Your Campsite


Mary’s Mountain

Named for a Shawtown resident of the late 1800’s who tended sheep in the meadows near the top, Mary’s mountain is a ¾ mile hike up a moderately steep trail. The hike one way can take between 20 and 30 minutes, and rewards you with 2 rocky outlooks offering sweeping views of Ossipee Lake and the surrounding mountains, as well as Danforth Bay and the campground. It is well worth the effort. The trailhead can be found in the right hand corner of our upper RV storage lot. The activities department leads frequent trips up this trail. Check the weekly activities schedule for times.


Trout Pond

This pristine pond is the inspiration for the creation of the Freedom Town Forest. In fact the property is commonly referred to as the “Trout Pond” property.  Arrival at the pond finds you in a stand of tall White Pines where the water winks and the trees whisper. If you time your visit right you can eat your fill of blueberries here too.

This is an easy 45 minute, 1.5 mile one way trip along woods roads. There are several turns along the way and the pond can sometimes be a challenge to find. Check with activities for directions or come on the Shawtown Village History and Trout Pond walk offered periodically during the summer season.


Please note: hiking is a great way to explore Danforth Bay and its surroundings, but there are important things to be aware of.

  • Please wear comfortable clothing in layers and shoes with appropriate soles.

  • Check the weather and be prepared for unexpected thunderstorms.

  • Be aware that there are bees, mosquitoes, black flies, ticks etc.

  • Pack appropriate supplies and check yourself for ticks upon return.

  • Bring water, hiking can be strenuous and dehydrate you faster than you realize.

  • You may want to tell our Depot staff that you’re headed out- they can also provide you with a map of these trails.

  • Always be prepared to encounter wild animals (mostly harmless).

  • Be sure to bring out what you bring in.

Other items that may be helpful:

  • sunglasses

  • sunscreen

  • a hat

  • a compass

  • a plastic bag for your trash (feel free to pick up any other refuse along the trail too)

  • a cell phone and the number to Danforth Bay

  • definitely a camera

  • binoculars, field guides, etc.

Equally important ... have a great time!