Danforth Bay Camping & RV Resort is a family oriented resort and the following rules and regulations have been established so that everyone may enjoy their visit with us. Please be sure that anyone residing at your site whether adult or child knows and understands what is allowed. Anyone failing to abide by the following will be asked to leave or if necessary removed by the local authorities. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior, safety and whereabouts at all times while within the park.

  1. The Bluffs is an adult only seasonal section of Danforth Bay for The Bluffs seasonal campers and their registered guests only. Anyone under twenty one is not permitted within this section without being accompanied by an adult twenty-one years of age or older.
  2. Facilities and amenities located in The Bluffs, including pools, tennis courts and buildings are for use by The Bluffs seasonal campers and their adult registered guests only. However, from dawn to dusk all campers are invited to take a walk or biking tour within The Bluffs. Again, anyone under the age of twenty-one must be accompanied by an adult when touring The Bluffs.

The Bluffs at Danforth Bay Camping Resort is an adult only section of Danforth Bay Camping Resort. As such, certain rules and regulations have been established with that in mind. Please be sure that anyone residing at your site whether adult or child knows and understands what is allowed. Anyone failing to abide by the following will be asked to leave or if necessary removed by the local authorities. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior, safety and whereabouts at all times while within the park. Anyone under the age of twenty-one must be accompanied by an adult whenever they leave the site. Under the age of 21 may be accompanied in the bathhouse & laundry room area of the Clubhouse and may also attend a scheduled event in the function room upstairs. All other facilities in the clubhouse are for adult use only.

(Note) Minimum qualifications for The Bluffs area:

 A maximum of two adults may be registered per site

Couples only, one must be at least fifty years of age with no children under the age of 18 living at home


While Danforth Bay Camping Resort offers camping in all seasons, seasonal fees are not for year-round camping. A nightly fee applies in the off-season. The Bluffs will be closed at least during the months of December – March.  Our mission is to provide all campers, whether they are seasonal or just visiting for one night, an enjoyable, quiet, and relaxing vacation experience.

  1. Speed Limit: Unless posted otherwise, maximum 7 mph for all vehicles including golf carts & bicycles.  If you’re driving or riding faster than you can walk, you are going too fast! Please use caution, as speed bumps are located throughout the park.
  2. Vehicles: Only two vehicles will be permitted per site. All others must be parked in designated lots. Parking of vehicles along the side of the road or vacant sites is not allowed. All vehicles must clearly display a sticker in the window or car pass on the rear view mirror. ATV’s, UTV’s, dirt bikes, or similar means of transportation are not permitted to be driven or ridden inside the park. Only individuals 21 and older may operate scooters and Mopeds and must be registered with the office prior to use. No means of transportation may be operated at night without lights.  Please help reduce traffic, for the safety of the children and for the benefit of the environment, by minimizing the use of your car while within the park.
  3. Golf Carts: Only one golf cart will be permitted per site. (Only actual golf carts are allowed, no utility vehicles, Gems, etc. are allowed.) Golf carts must be registered with the campground and must have an operating headlight and taillight, and a valid certificate of insurance before being permitted to operate.  Golf carts shall be operated by licensed drivers only. Only individuals twenty-one years of age or older are allowed to operate golf carts in The Bluffs.  When the golf cart is registered a valid license must be produced for all individuals driving a golf cart.  Management reserves the right to ban the use of any golf cart by any camper failing to abide by these rules. Guest may rent carts from outside sources, but cart must be brought in and removed from the park by the registered guest. Teens with a valid Driver’s License, ages 16 – 18 must complete our Golf Cart Orientation before driving any cart.
  4. Children’s Toys: Battery powered children’s toys such as Power Wheels, Barbie Cars etc. are allowed as long as the top rated speed is 5 mph or less. Vehicles that have a top rated speed of more than 5 mph such as Razor Scooters etc. are not allowed. The use of paintball guns is prohibited within the park.
  5. Quiet Time: Quiet time is from 11pm to 7 am. Children under 18 will be on site by 11pm unless accompanied by an adult.  Anyone under the age of twenty-one in the Bluffs must be accompanied by an adult whenever they leave the site.  No radios or televisions are allowed to be on during quiet time in such a manner as to disturb others.
  6. Pets: Danforth Bay welcomes family pets that are well socialized, friendly and happy.   If there is any doubt in your mind that your pet meets these criteria, please leave them at home. (PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN CABINS OR ON CABIN SITES. VISITORS OF REGISTERED CAMPERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING PETS INTO THE CAMPGROUND.) Only 2 dogs per site are allowed without prior approval.  Pets must be on a leash at all times and may not be left unattended in your RV, on your site, or in any vehicle, as to disturb others while you are away. If they are a constant barker, please leave them at home. A copy of current rabies certificate must be provided for all camping pets at check in. Please use non-campsite areas, preferably perimeter forest area away from campsites, when walking your pet. It is your responsibility to pick up after them. Pets are not allowed in beach or pool areas or any campground facilities. You may take your pet swimming at the Cove canoe storage area. For your convenience there is a kennel located nearby. (Two Paws Up 603-539-6266).
  7. Fires: Fires are permitted in designated fireplaces. Do not relocate fireplaces. Per local authorities, resort management will not tolerate any abuse of these regulations, as our campground fire permit is contingent on adhering to them.  Fires must never be left unattended, should be kept small with flames reaching no higher than 24” above the rim and must be extinguished with water by 11:30 pm per the town fire department. No fires before 7 am. Do not place trash, bottles or cans in fire rings and do not burn any treated or painted wood. It is illegal to transport firewood across state lines. (See Danforth Bay Map & Visitors Guide for details.) Please check to see that your firewood provider is supplying wood from a safe source.
  8. Bike Riding: Due to safety concerns, bike riding after dusk is not permitted. (Dusk is ½ hour after sunset.) NH Law requires helmet use for children under the age of 16.  Danforth Bay strongly recommends helmet use by everyone.    Park bicycles in bike racks. Do not block doorways or walkways to buildings. Management will remove a bicycle from any guest who continues to disobey these rules. A bike tag issued by the office must be displayed at all times on your bike.
  9. Boats: Any type of jet- powered watercraft, no matter what seating capacity, is not allowed. Motorboats larger than 21’ are not permitted. Boats must be registered at the office at check-in ($).   Motorboats may not be left on the beach overnight or moored. (Refer to the Boaters Check in Policy Sheet for additional details.) Parking at the boat ramp is limited to day use only; any overnight parking is in the outer lot by the Depot. Due to milfoil concerns powerboats of any type, including small boats with trolling motors, are not allowed in Huckins Pond.
  10. Trash: For your convenience, dumpsters & trash trailers are centrally located the park.  Please place BAGGED household trash only in these areas. Recycling bins are also located near the propane fill area and clearly marked as to what recyclables are accepted.


Guest & Visitors:

By state law, all day and overnight guests of campers in Danforth bay and/or the bluffs are required to register with the office each time they visit.

  1. Visitors are not allowed to bring boats, golf carts or pets.
  2. As the seasonal camper it is your responsibility to assure that all day and overnight guests have properly registered. Any seasonal campers who continue to ignore this policy will be asked to leave. The maximum number of persons allowed overnight on a Danforth Bay seasonal site is a total of 8. The maximum number of overnight guests on a Bluffs seasonal site is 4 without prior approval.  We reserve the right to limit the number of adults and/or children occupying a seasonal site overnight. As the seasonal camper it is your responsibility to be sure any applicable guest fees have been paid.  Danforth Bay seasonal sites: Check rate sheet for current day and overnight visitor fees. Bluffs seasonal sites: Visitor fees included in annual site rental.
  3. Visitors are not permitted in the park without the registered seasonal camper being present unless the seasonal camper has received written permission from Management. Permission will be given only under unique circumstances.
  4. Only individuals with appropriate tour passes will be allowed access to either park by announcing their arrival at the gate.

Overnight & Day guest of campers in Danforth Bay must register with the front office in the Depot. A valid overnight or day guest car pass must be clearly visible in their vehicle while in the park. Day guests must depart the park by 8 pm.

Overnight Guests of seasonal campers in The Bluffs – Each individual or family unit’s visit is limited to visiting no more than twice in the same month totaling no more than 7 days within the same month. All overnight guests must be registered with the seasonal office. Wristbands are provided for overnight guests to wear during their stay and a white VISITOR PARKING pass must be clearly visible in their vehicle while in the park.

Day Guests of seasonal campers in The Bluffs are required to register with the seasonal office and are expected to be in the company of The Bluffs seasonal camper when using the facilities.

Guests coming to The Bluffs will need to have a gate code from the Bluffs seasonal camper to gain access to the park or be met at the gate when arriving. Visitors under 21 with a valid driver’s license may drive a registered vehicle directly to and from a Bluffs seasonal site.  They may not drive around the park unless accompanied by an adult twenty-one or older.


  1. Alcohol: New Hampshire's drinking age is 21. Underage drinking, use of drugs, or excessive use of alcoholic beverages, will result in immediate removal by local authorities. Open displays of drunk and obnoxious behavior are not permitted.
  2. Profanity: Profanity will not be tolerated. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave.
  3. Privacy: Please do not cut through other campers’ sites on foot, on a bicycle, with a golf cart or any other means.
  4. Trees and Shrubs: Cutting trees, saplings, and shrubs is strictly prohibited. (Firewood and marshmallow sticks are available at the Depot Store.) The use of chainsaws is prohibited.
  5.  Any plantings, other than flowers and/or vegetables, must have prior approval.
  6. Glass Containers: Glass containers are not permitted on the beach or around pool areas. Please dispose of them properly, do not place in fires.
  7. Smoking: Smoking is not permitted inside any buildings or at the pool or beach.
  8. Firecrackers, sparklers, or any other pyrotechnical devices are not permitted.
  9. Playgrounds are located in Danforth Bay and hours are from 8:30am till dusk. (Dusk is ½ hour after sunset.) Children should not be left unattended.
  10. Washing vehicles: Washing vehicles on site is not allowed. Vehicles may be washed in designated areas only. (Seasonal RV’s may be washed on their site with environmentally safe products.)
  11. Clotheslines: Clotheslines are limited to 15 ft per site.
  12. Snowmobiles are allowed on marked trails only and are not permitted to ride through the park.
  13. Cabins: All camping cabins are non-smoking; pets are not allowed in the cabins or on cabin sites. Tents must be placed on the gravel and are not allowed on the grass around the cabins. 
  14. The use of any earth moving equipment requires approval by Management.


  1. Swimming at beach areas is not allowed after dusk.
  2. There are no lifeguards on duty at any time. Swimming is at your own risk.
  3. Pets are not allowed in the pool areas or on the beaches. Please swim your pets at the canoe launch area beyond The Cove Beach or in Huckins Pond.
  4. Diving is not permitted at any pool.
  5. Glass containers are not permitted.
  6. An adult must accompany children under 14 at all times while at the beach or in the Depot pool area. No one under the age of twenty-one is allowed in the pool area at the Bluffs.
  7. Swim diapers are required for children who are not toilet trained.
  8. Horseplay such as pushing, shoving, etc. on the raft is not allowed and will result in immediate removal from the swimming areas.
  9. Campsites adjacent to the waterfront are not allowed to have their own docks or rafts.
  10. Boat, canoes & kayaks are not allowed within the designated swim areas.
  11. No swimming or fishing from boat docks.



  1. No running or rough housing – please play gently
  2. Slide feet first. On the KIDDiE slide in a sitting position
  3. Wait for the landing area to clear before sliding


*TRAILERS & SITES: (*the term trailer refers to any camping unit, including all types of travel trailers, 5th wheels, park models and motor homes, etc.)

While it is not our intent to continually force the replacement of trailers/park models, we do require that initially all seasonal trailers/park models must be no older than 10 years and meet our current guidelines, which are available at the Seasonal Office, including functional gray & black water holding tanks with shut off valves, and RV style toilets.  Shut off valves must always remain in the closed position, except when dumping. Once established in the park, older trailers/park models will be reviewed annually on a case-by-case basis.  All trailers are to be neat and properly maintained on a continual basis.   Permanent tarps will not be allowed on seasonal sites. Prior approval is required before any upgrade or change in trailer is made. 

  1. Trailers shall be owned by only one family and cannot be co-owned. Only one trailer will be allowed on a site.
  1. Subletting is not permitted.
  2. The sale of a seasonal trailer to another party does not mean the site is transferred as well.  You do not own your site and therefore the sale of your trailer does not mean the transfer of your site to the new owners. You may not transfer ownership of a trailer on site to another family member without written permission from management.
  3. Outside refrigerators shall be limited to dorm size refrigerators only (5 cubic ft or less) and must be securely locked whenever your site is left unattended.
  4. Propane tanks up to 100 gallons are allowed.
  5. Decks and screen rooms are permitted.  However, a detailed plan indicating size, type of materials and construction layout must be filed with the office prior to construction and must be available for town inspection. Only approved Add-a-rooms are permitted. See office for more detailed information.
  6. A storage shed is permitted. It may not be greater than 8ft high by 6ft wide by 8ft long and must be constructed in accordance with campground specifications. Only one storage shed is allowed per site. Shed descriptions must be on file in the office for town inspection. Alternatives may be available for full time RV’ers who are traveling with a motor home. See Seasonal Office for details.
  7. A free standing canopy consisting of a tubular frame and soft-top no greater than 8 x 8 will be allowed for the express purpose of golf cart storage. Side curtains are not allowed. Carports are prohibited.
  8. Under no circumstances may a registered seasonal camper claim Danforth Bay Camping Resort and/or The Bluffs as his/her permanent residence. Anyone found in violation of this rule will be asked to leave immediately. Danforth Bay Camping Resort and The Bluffs is a vacation destination only.           
  9. Utilities:  Any unauthorized changes or intentional tampering to utilities, is not allowed.  Enclosures, of any type, may not be built around utilities.  Installation of heat tapes is prohibited on water hydrants.
  10. All seasonal trailers will have skirting in place immediately after setup. (Not applicable to winter only sites and motor homes.)
  11. Danforth Bay’s focus is to provide a leisure atmosphere for all our seasonal campers. If you are providing a service or have a business you are operating from your site, please see the Seasonal Office for specific guidelines and restrictions.
  12. Pouring concrete or cement is not allowed.
  13. Seasonal sites shall be kept neat and clean. Management will strictly enforce that there are no old boards, screens or other clutter around the site.  Excessive use of lawn ornaments, hanging lights, and other such items can be irritating to others and you may be asked to remove or reduce the amount you have.
  14. Fencing is allowed only with prior approval of management and only if absolutely necessary.
  15. No permanent kennels are allowed, only portable crates.
  16. Fire rings must be located in one permanent spot. Any fireplace other than the one provided must be approved.  Please return unused fire rings to the office.
  17. Wood stoves or indoor fireplaces are not permitted.
  18. No more than ½ cord of wood may be stored on site at any given time.
  19. Snowmobiles are not to be stored on site in the off-season. Boats may be stored ($) on your site in the off-season only if you are not registered for winter camping. In season boat/snowmobile trailers are considered to be one of your two allowed vehicles.
  20. All work requests must be in writing and submitted to the office for approval. Management reserves the right to charge a service fee on work requests that is beyond the normal scope of site maintenance.
  21. Additional clearing of sites is strictly prohibited. Site may not be altered to accommodate larger units or create more space.



Danforth Bay Camping Resort is not responsible for any theft, loss by fire or accident. Any personal property including, but not limited to, canoes & kayaks, whether on your site or within the park, are stored at your own risk. Use of any of the facilities is strictly at your own risk. Parents will be held responsible and pay for any damages to property, facilities etc. caused by themselves or their children.     

Revised July 2015 ymh