Summer 2019 WiFi Update


You don’t need hot water to wash your face but it sure helps...similarly you don’t need wifi to camp but it sure is nice! Work continues on our ever expanding WiFi system here at Danforth Bay and The Bluffs. Our goal is to provide wifi connectivity throughout the park. To move towards this goal and keep up with every growing demand in terms of bandwidth and number of clients, we are continuing to add access points and replace older units with new high capacity access points. Our varied topography and often dense tree cover make this a challenging environment for WiFi. Here are some current statistics:

  • We have 62 access points spread across the parks. 
  • 55 of these are dual band 2.4 and 5 GHz radios for higher connection speeds and higher client capacity. These 55 served an average of 2400 clients each day during the 4th of July week. 
  • We have added access  points in new areas this spring including M5, E40, K2, K4, J5, W3, G5, LA27, LA18, MA18, and the Pavillion both outside and inside. These new access points bring a strong signal into areas of the park that had been marginal at best previously.
  • The fastest connections will always be close to the access points at buildings like bath houses, The Depot, and The Clubhouse. There are wired connections in The Depot, The Clubhouse and the Pascoe Study.

Work is ongoing as we target low signal areas of the park as well as older access points for improvement. 

Tips and Tricks for getting connected. 

  • Remember that Wifi works best in “line of sight”, anything that blocks the signal will slow things down. Identify your local access point and adjust accordingly
  • Get close! If you need a faster signal move closer to an access point. If you have a 5GHz device it will be very fast if you are close enough. 
  • A laptop will work well at longer distance, phones and tablets work best as they get close to a hotspot
  • If you are farther out, use a WiFi range extender such as the Netgear ex3700. You can create your own hotspot. 
  • There are wired connections in the Depot Family Room, The Bluffs Clubhouse, and the Pascoe Study. 
  • Ask for help! Our techies can come out and help you get connected.