Help Us Keep Danforth Bay Green

Your recyclables are going to the dump and here’s why.

There have been drastic developments in the recycling industry, specifically related to material quality that our campers might not be aware of. China, which is the largest consumer of recovered material in the world, has decided to prohibit the import of several streams of recyclable materials and mandate a higher quality standard on others. Specifically, China has banned the import of mixed plastics and mixed paper and is dramatically decreasing the threshold of prohibitive material allowed on other grades. These global industry changes impact how you dispose of your trash not only at Danforth Bay but at your homes as well.  

Our ability to continue to offer recycling at Danforth Bay relies on successfully continuing to meet all recycling product specifications. This largely depends on the careful and correct disposal of all materials we receive from you. Just follow these 3 simple rules:              

  1. Recycle all empty bottles, cans, and paper.
  2. Keep foods and liquid out of recycling.
  3. Keep plastic bags, bagged recyclables, film and medical waste out of recycling.

If contamination is found in our recycling material after it arrives at one of the recycling facilities, we are responsible for additional costs associated with handling contaminated material and it is very likely the whole load will make its way to a landfill and not be recycled. Repeated contamination will result in the inability for Danforth Bay to continue to offer recycling, a cause we feel really passionately about. 
What can you do?
Do not throw plastic liner bags filled with recycling into your recycling containers. Empty the recycling contents into the container only, and throw the plastic liner bags into the trash.

Place your recyclables in the correct dumpsters. We get it, they look alike. Unfortunately, that is beyond our control. A recycling dumpster for all recyclables -except cardboard- is located by the Propane Fill Station at the Depot. Cardboard should be broken down and disposed of in the white shed next to the recycling dumpster. See picture below.


We are joining the global effort to end plastic pollution.

Danforth Bay is looking to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of single use plastic bags. Starting Friday, June 7th, Danforth Bay Camping & RV Resort will start charging 5 cents per plastic bag obtained from the Depot Store. We are asking our campers to support our efforts by bringing their own shopping bag(s). The store will also have available for purchase, at cost, reusable shopping bags.
Plastic bags are terrible for our environment and our economy. Here are just a few of the ways that plastic bags hurt our wallets and the environment-

Every year, Americans throw away more than 100 billion single-use plastic bags.

While plastic bags are recyclable in theory, they are not in practice. In fact, plastic bags contaminate curbside recycling. Most recycling is single stream, where all recyclable items are collected together. Plastic bags can no longer be accepted as part of single stream recycling because they get tangled in the machinery, often causing it to break down.

  • Plastic bags that are properly disposed of end up in dangerous landfills where they are either buried or burned in incinerators creating harmful emissions. Cities, towns, and businesses pay about $80 a ton for them to go there.
  • Plastic bags that don’t make it to landfills inevitably end up as litter in our parks, on our streets, or in our rivers and oceans.
  • Plastic bags harm our oceans and the creatures living in them. Fish and other marine animals will eat plastic bags thinking they’re food. A recent study found that a quarter of all fish sold in supermarkets contains some plastic debris. On the smaller scale, as plastic breaks down into tiny particles, it displaces plankton, the main food sources for large marine mammals like whales.

There’s no reason why single-use plastic bags need to be a part of our daily lives.​


Coming Soon- Our disposable coffee cups are getting a makeover.

As part of our green initiative, we will be phasing out the Styrofoam cups that are currently available for coffee purchases in the store. As we exhaust the remaining Styrofoam cup inventory we will transition over to paper cups.

Please note - We welcome and encourage our campers to bring their own mug or purchase from the store a reusable mug.