The Bluffs Current COVID Information

Updated September 17, 2020

Dear Seasonal Camper,

The following campground guidelines are in addition to our already existing rules. Please read carefully, and take the time to make sure all members of your family understand these updates.

Additional information pertaining to The Bluffs:

  • Laundry facilities: Cabot laundry (Bluffs) laundry room will be open, with possible limited hours. Laundry will be cleaned daily, but we recommend bringing your own cleaning supplies, and cleaning all touch surfaces before and after use. Social distancing must be practiced, so we ask all campers to wait outside of the laundry rooms while laundry is running so others may begin use. Please be prompt in removing your own laundry when done and do not remove other people's laundry from any machine.

  • Our maintenance request policy remains the same, in that your must contact the Seasonal Office for all maintenance needs. We may need to restrict work performed to essential requests at this time.

  • Packages/Mail: Packages and mail will be limited to essential items only. All packages will be left in an unsecured shed for pick up located near the Seasonal Office deck. We can not be responsible for packages that are lost or stolen.

  • Bluffs seasonal mailboxes will be relocated to a shed placed near the clubhouse. The AED, normally located in the Bluffs clubhouse, will be moved to the the shed near the Clubhouse. Danforth Bay seasonal mailboxes will remain in the laundry room at the Depot. All seasonals consistently receiving mail, will need to acquire a post office box.

  • Spectrum: We will continue to provide one basic cable box per seasonal camper, arrangements may be made by calling the Seasonal Office for box pick up. Additional boxes will require contacting Spectrum directly and establishing an account.

  • WiFi: Please understand we will not be able to guarantee consistent WiFi services. Demand on our system at this time will be overwhelming and could slow connections or create other substantial issues. We encourage those of you using WiFi for work purposes, paying bills, schooling, streaming movies etc. to contact Spectrum directly to set up an account to obtain your own dedicated and secure modem.

All campers are expected to adhere to these guidelines, in addition to all previous rules. Guidelines are subject to change.

With gratitude,

The Danforth Bay Camping & RV Resort Team